Dear Members of The All Sports Museum,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for honoring my dad with his ball , for the Friends of the Hall Wall . He was so excited , surprised , and honored that he didn’t sleep all night he said .
He was amazed with the amount of memorabilia and displays that the museum has to share with the sports community .
My dad is a young 91 year old and to see my Dad “ light up “ when he saw reminders of sport memories that go way back in time.was my memory . He felt like s kid in a candy store . If he was allowed I bet he would love a sleepover .
Your beautifully designed showcases has sparked joy for my Dad to part with some of his memorabilia so others can share the same enthusiasm he felt that day .
Thank you again for making an older guy feel like a 19 year old again playing against The Harlem Globetrotters in the year 1952 .
A special thanks also to Kevin and Ed for giving us a detailed tour .
You can see a lot of effort and love went into your Museum So thank you to all of you for keeping the memories alive.
Sincerely ,
Janet Schuck and Art Zuchowski

Essie Blasick a recent Museum visitor with her husband, Ed, shared her comments about the the All Sports Museum. ” I for one, just seeing my husband lit up with excitement, he was fascinated by your museum. He absolutely loved the Willie Mays Gold Glove Award. He thought it was awesome that you were given that. What a wonderful place for that to be!. And he loved the 1st Phillies Phanatic shoes as well, Just everything!
Eric and Essie

“I visited the Sports Museum during a field trip for my school.  Our students were presented with a fun scavenger hunt of interesting memorabilia to find within the museum which really held their attention.  The staff was very knowledgeable and had great stories to share while interacting with our students. I would definitely visit again.”
Lori Russo
“A small town sports treasure”
Robert Strauss, columnist, Jersey Man Magazine.

“I visited the Museum and I was impressed with their mission and the vast displays of diverse memorabilia from the early 1900’s to now.  I am honored and proud to be their most recent Hall of Fame inductee”.
Sal Paolantonio, ESPN National Correspondent and S.J. resident since 1985.