Greg Zyla

Greg Zyla was born in coal-mining Brady (Ranshaw), PA in 1949. From an early age, Greg was enthusiastic about old cars; namely, Packard, Henry-J, Kaiser, Frazer, Rambler, Willys, Studebaker and Tucker. In 1957 he moved with his family to Vineland, NJ, and immediately became a fan of the Vineland Speedway, which featured a quarter mile drag strip for stock car racing on many Fridays through Sundays during his youth. Greg became an instant subscriber to several car magazines; namely, Motor Trend, Car Life, Road & Track, Car Craft and National Speed Sport News. His enjoyment of those magazines eventually led to an interest in writing for several publications; namely, More Content Now, and other Gatehouse Media publications. Greg Zyla is a well-respected syndicated auto columnist who is an authority of collector cars, old-time racing and auto nostalgia.